Week 5

Written by Alison Richardson | March 20, 2017

March 20th, 2017

Today at RUCKUS we first of all met Dean’s new dog Liam! He’s a greyhound that has been rescued by Dean and Andrew and we now proudly have two RUCKUS doggie mascots!

We then headed into the Studio and did some more ballet with Dean and learnt about 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions with our arms as well as trying to remember all the positions that we learnt last week with our feet. We also did some cascading, where we’d slowly flow down to the floor with out bodies. We then did some breathing and voice work with Suzy which was fun and everyone is gradually getting better at projecting their voice and using their breath. Alison then taught us a new exercise called Deaf Whispers which she learnt at the Australian Theatre of the Deaf. We first off learnt the sign for ‘again’ in Auslan as we needed it for the exercise. We then had to try and copy a set of movements that Alison did and pass them down the line trying to be as exact and accurate as possible. It was pretty funny to see how much it changed as it went down the line. We also did a quick few turns of the exercise ‘This is not a chair’ where we had to turn the chair into something that is wasn’t and everyone had to guess what it was. We then split up into our three groups with and worked on what we wanted to improve upon.

Gerard also showed us a short digital story that he made about RUCKUS at film making that he goes to with Bus Stop films on a Sunday. Till next week…..

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Lady Eats Apple

Written by Rachel Sugrim | March 18, 2017

Lady Eats Apple review

At Carriageworks in bay 17 on Saturday 18/3/2017 at 2.00pm, RUCKUS went to see a show called “Lady Eats Apple” by Back to Back Theatre who come from Geelong.

There were three Acts. Act 1. Out with the old and in with the new, 2. A near death experience and 3. All we have is the human bond and my favorite act was “A near death experience” it was my favorite because it showed me that there is more to life than just wanting to kill yourself and plus I have been through a lot and I had a tough life and seeing that act two made me realised that I have got so much to live for.

Then afterwards RUCKUS from 4pm to 5pm we did some relaxing Scuba based exercises with our professional movement choreographer Dean Walsh, he organised four stations that we had to contribute and help those who didn’t really know how to use the Scuba equipment.

Then afterwards we had a lite snack but it was not so much dinner then there was a NDIS meeting afterwards for the parents, then afterwards we packed up and went home, after a long day at Carriageworks I was very tired and I know we were all tired too.


Writer for Ruckus

Rachel Sugrim



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Week 4

Written by Audrey O'Connor | March 13, 2017

March 13th, 2017

Week 4 of Ruckus to start of this week Dean Walsh he got us to do bit of dance we did ballet but the most of us found it bit trickly so we got though it as group by after few laughs and Than we focus of what we had to do.

So the next thing we did Suzy Dunne she got us warm up our voices by doing tongue twisters and by moving to the words from it and it was funny and fun doing that with the others in the group.

But wait there is more than we did well Alison Richardson she got us to do few games one of is Yes Lets it’s about one person where they can say anything and we get to do it by saying Yes Lets. And so Alison got us to go in three groups apart so Alison & Dean & Suzy could help us to improve of what we want to do at Ruckus and so i found it very interesting at the moment at Ruckus

So now stay tune for more from Ruckus

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