Week 1

Written by | February 20, 2017

February 20th, 2017

Our first week back from a break has seen us move harbour side!

Sydney Dance Company have kindly given us a studio space for 2 hours to run our workshops from. Before we started the workshops Alison had sent us a feedback form to fill in about what we like about RUCKUS and what we want to do more of and what we want to improve upon and these things have been put into the workshops for the next ten weeks.

We have a new structure to our workshops, so we start we some PrimeOrderly with Dean, we then move onto some voice work with Suzy, where we learned a tongue twister and a sequence of movement and sounds. Then Alison led us in a new exercise for us to facilitate, we also re learnt some other exercises so that we can remember how to teach them.

We were really all happy to be in our new space and back together again.

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