Week 3

Written by | March 6, 2017

March 6th, 2017

It was a short workshop this week as we were all heading to the theatre at Sydney Opera House to see Backstage in Biscuitland.

We did some breathing and practised some tongue twisters, we learnt a new one- ‘Unique New York’ and we learnt a new exercise called ‘Clear the Space’ with Alison. There were different things we all had to do when certain words were called out by whoever was facilitating. The words were clear the space, centre, look, favourite, stereo, greet, fold, unfold.

We then had to head off to the theatre….James wrote a review of the show, here it is:


My review of the one and only biscuits land

Biscuits biscuits biscuits

Hi I am James Penny the ruckus member

Now. My favourite part in biscuits land is Jess in her actions is to tell about the same thing with biscuits and that show is really awesome

The only one is to me it’s a comedy show and I really like Jess she is hot and she is cute

So in biscuits land actors like Jess for example of her how she is she feel BISCUITS

So anyway all the ER ah da and errrrrrrrrrr and aaaaaaaaaaHOZAR BISCUITS

That’s my favourite thing about the sound effects stuck in my head

So I say enough

Look I enjoy for watching the show is funny and fantastic

One thing is I taste a biscuits Biscuits With Gerard and he shakes his head coughing out loud and he ate a biscuits to choke so I squeeze Gerard hand tight to say BISCUITS Biscuits

Last point Is this biscuits land show is absolutely absurd and beautiful darling show of support for the rest of the year of the world in my life come true

Thank you so much


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