See In Me

How can someone disappear like they never existed? How can someone lay dead in their home and not be found for 8 years? We assure ourselves by saying ‘this won’t happen to me’ but how can we be so sure that we too won’t fall between the cracks?


“Wow!  What a great show! Funny, moving and very insightful.  Amazing and inspiring!  You gave us new Down Syndrome parents much hope for the future! Thank you!”
David Bulmer
“A sometimes heartbreakingly honest, beautifully presented production, See In Me offers an opportunity to observe the dreams, sadness, frustrations, and desires of a  group of talented artists, often overlooked by society.  See it!”
Kristian Pellissier- Australia Council for the Arts
“This production has set the bar to a different level that can only inspire all professionals within the art world to become involved with collaborative integrated theatre and dance productions.”
Gaye Fleming – Sunnyfield- Community Culture & Arts Manager

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See In Me

In 2011 RUCKUS developed a short performance piece, Love Heart Cardigan.  This produciton was created in response to the tragic death of an elderly Surry Hills resident, Natalie Wood in 2003.  Her death went unnoticed unnoticed for a staggering 8 years until her body was found in mid-2011.  RUCKUS performed this production to a full house at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta.

In 2012/ 2013 through text, movement and video RUCKUS continued to explore what it is to feel invisible, isolated & alone and what we all do in our own lives to stay connected, visible & heard.  The result was the highly acclaimed major production, See In Me which was performed in 2013 in front of sell out audiences also at Riverside Theatres.

Cast Nathan Basha, Chris Bunton, Gerard O’Dwyer, Audrey O’Connor, James Penny, Rachel Sugrim & Digby Webster.

Director/ Producer  Alison Richardson

Designer Kate Shanahan

Movement consultant  Dean Walsh

Sound Designer  Peter Kennard

Video Artist  Morgan Newall

Lighting Designer  Matt Cox

Production Manager Noel Benning

Stage Manager Jennie Bradbury

Assistant Stage Manager Laura Harris

Support Crew Bill Griffiths & Jake Willis


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