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Life at city speed is never easy…for some it is almost impossible. How might you navigate our modern culture when you are unable to process information like most around you? How do you learn to adapt? Could tuning into other people who share a similar nature hold the clues? Does nature itself show you the way? Perhaps the answers are buried in the sands of southern Cambodia? Or scattered in the stars above?




Stages 1 and 2 of SPEED OF LIFE have been developed over 18 months through exploratory movement, video and slapstick workshops at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta alongside RUCKUS’ co-collaborators theatre maker Alison Richardson and choreographer Dean Walsh.

Early creative development featured a video exchange between RUCKUS and Epic Encounters allowing joint introductions and an early exploring of ideas. The initial creative development phases resulted in a successful outdoor performance in the heart of Parramatta for International Day for People with Disability in December 2014 and a showing at Riverside Theatres in June 2015.

The third and final creative development stage of SPEED OF LIFE saw RUCKUS and Epic Encounters come together in Kampot for a creative and cultural exchange. RUCKUS and key artists from RUCKUS’ core creative team spent 14 days in Cambodia working alongside Epic Encounters artists, their creative team and interpreters.

To read about RUCKUS' journey to Epic Arts in Cambodia visit BLOG.

Chris Bunton
Audrey O’Connor
Gerard O’Dwyer
James Penny
Digby Webster
Rachel Sugrim

Co - Collaborators

Co-Director/ Choreographer
Co-Director/ Producer
Set/Costume designer
Sound Designer
Video Designer
Lighting Designer & operator
Technical Coordinator & operator
Stage Manager
Stage Assistants
Administrative support
Dean Walsh
Alison Richardson
Kate Shanahan
Peter Kennard
Martin Fox
Fausto Brusamolino
Tim Dennis
Suzy Dunne
Steve Wilson-Alexander & Jocelyne Lamarche
PACT staff


SPEED OF LIFE would not be possible without the support from:


Arts NSW
Australia Council for the Arts
City of Sydney


as well as our amazing Crowdfunding backers

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