Chris Bunton

athlete, advocate, inquisitive, RUCKUS member
“We make a noise, this noise can break down the barriers of exclusion.”


CHRIS BUNTON is a co-founding member of RUCKUS and he is also a gold medal-winning gymnast & accredited gymnastics coach. He has represented Australia twice at Special Olympics World Summer Games in China and Greece. Chris currently works at Special Olympics office as an office administrator and in 2012 became a Special Olympics Athlete Ambassador. Chris’ interest in the performing arts began in 2004 when he first started to attend drama classes at National Institute for Dramatic Arts (NIDA). His love of dance started to form through his involvement in NSW peak body Accessible Arts' Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series in 2012 & 2013. He then participated in The Right Foot Project with DirtyFeet and has continued to be engaged by DirtyFeet as a dancer and deviser for the development of dance piece, In Transit. Chris received an Amplify Your Art grant from Accessible Arts to further develop his skills in physical theatre and dance and was chosen as an Ambassador for the NSW state government campaign Don’t DIS my ABILITY in 2014. He is a member of Murmuration Dance Theatre, Sydney’s first integrated dance theatre and recently New Zealand production company Attitude Pictures produced a documentary on Chris’ quest for independence called Keeping up with Chris. He also features in the feature length film Down Under for release in 2016.

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