It’s about us and what we do.
We show people what we dream & help them with their dreams
We are all in this together, it is like being with a family that is part of you.
I love to see everybody, all my friends and we all have fun together.
We are professional actors & performers.
We are about being creative, showing our inspiration, showing emotions & feelings.
We want to be seen. We want to be heard making a loud noise.
This is our future.
We make a noise, this noise can break down the barriers of exclusion.
We have fun, we make new friends & old friends.
We want to be noticed because we might be invisible to them.
We have talents we want to get out there.
We go away as a group and we show what it means to us as a group
RUCKUS is different, as actors we take it seriously.
We want everyone to hear us not just our family and friends and colleagues.
We want everyone to see us not just them because we want to be treated equally and we’re all the same.
It’s about people that come into the group.
We want to go outside to the whole wide world.
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