RUCKUS receives no government or philanthropic financial assistance for their operational costs or production expenses. Instead, RUCKUS relies on voluntary support and the passion of a few, dedicated individuals.

RUCKUS is currently hosted by PACT centre for emerging artists, a small arts organisation in Sydney’s inner west, which provides in kind support and auspicing arrangements.

RUCKUS is very active in applying for funding through the local, state and federal arts bodies. However this source of funding is understandably competitive and unpredictable, making it unsuitable for financing operational costs and long term project development.

With the passion, positivity and determination so integral to their overall approach, RUCKUS is now exploring alternative sources of funding and in-kind support. RUCKUS’ goal is to not only resource future performance projects and outreach programs but to also ensure financing for their continuing operational expenses. This would provide RUCKUS with the stability essential for effective long term community impact and success.

If you wish to make a donation please contact Alison at [email protected]

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