Week 4

Written by Audrey O'Connor | March 13, 2017

March 13th, 2017

Week 4 of Ruckus to start of this week Dean Walsh he got us to do bit of dance we did ballet but the most of us found it bit trickly so we got though it as group by after few laughs and Than we focus of what we had to do.

So the next thing we did Suzy Dunne she got us warm up our voices by doing tongue twisters and by moving to the words from it and it was funny and fun doing that with the others in the group.

But wait there is more than we did well Alison Richardson she got us to do few games one of is Yes Lets it’s about one person where they can say anything and we get to do it by saying Yes Lets. And so Alison got us to go in three groups apart so Alison & Dean & Suzy could help us to improve of what we want to do at Ruckus and so i found it very interesting at the moment at Ruckus

So now stay tune for more from Ruckus

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Week 3

Written by | March 6, 2017

March 6th, 2017

It was a short workshop this week as we were all heading to the theatre at Sydney Opera House to see Backstage in Biscuitland.

We did some breathing and practised some tongue twisters, we learnt a new one- ‘Unique New York’ and we learnt a new exercise called ‘Clear the Space’ with Alison. There were different things we all had to do when certain words were called out by whoever was facilitating. The words were clear the space, centre, look, favourite, stereo, greet, fold, unfold.

We then had to head off to the theatre….James wrote a review of the show, here it is:


My review of the one and only biscuits land

Biscuits biscuits biscuits

Hi I am James Penny the ruckus member

Now. My favourite part in biscuits land is Jess in her actions is to tell about the same thing with biscuits and that show is really awesome

The only one is to me it’s a comedy show and I really like Jess she is hot and she is cute

So in biscuits land actors like Jess for example of her how she is she feel BISCUITS

So anyway all the ER ah da and errrrrrrrrrr and aaaaaaaaaaHOZAR BISCUITS

That’s my favourite thing about the sound effects stuck in my head

So I say enough

Look I enjoy for watching the show is funny and fantastic

One thing is I taste a biscuits Biscuits With Gerard and he shakes his head coughing out loud and he ate a biscuits to choke so I squeeze Gerard hand tight to say BISCUITS Biscuits

Last point Is this biscuits land show is absolutely absurd and beautiful darling show of support for the rest of the year of the world in my life come true

Thank you so much


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Week 2

Written by Rachel Sugrim | February 27, 2017

February 27th, 2017

First RUCKUS sat around the circle and we talked about how we should be running the workshop, we made a choice to split into three groups to work on and to improve and in my group I had Suzy and Digby, Alison had Audrey and James and Dean had Chris and also Gerard (but he was away)

Before we did that we got up and we did descending and ascending and other things with Dean which is part of PrimeOrderly. There I was feeling hot and having stomach pains on my left side but still I pushed through and made it to the end, I didn’t let the pain get the better of me.

Then we came into a circle and we did some vocal work with Suzy and we did a tongue twister, “Billy bought a bunch of beautiful bananas”

Then we play a game called “Yes let’s” we came up with silly things like flying a kite, pretended to have wings and fly and can’t sing. Afterwards we split into three groups to work on what we want to improve. Digby and I drew pictures of what we saw, what we heard and what we touched outside then we came back inside and we talked about random words on the picture we had drawn. Then we came back into the group and we talked together about what we did in our three groups and there I felt I was being in a team and helping out, it was fun and I enjoyed the workshop that we did.

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