RUCKUS is a Sydney based disability led contemporary performance ensemble who through their original, thought provoking & powerful performances smash stereotypes & challenge audience’s preconceptions of what people with disability are capable of achieving.

RUCKUS reject being victims of pity but rather embrace being active agents of individual & societal change.

As leaders in the disability community RUCKUS work to address inequality, social exclusion, the lack of meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities and address the basic human right everyone has to lead a rich, full & vibrant life free from prejudice and harm.

RUCKUS also pass on their skills by facilitating theatre making and performance workshops with members of the disability community. They inspire and empower others to reach their full potential by giving them a means of self expression to be seen and heard and to really make a noise!

RUCKUS consists of six members; Chris Bunton, Audrey O’Connor, Gerard O’Dwyer, James Penny, Rachel Sugrim & Digby Webster who are outstanding, talented and accomplished individuals receiving both national and international recognition.

Individually RUCKUS are powerful, together they are unstoppable.

Meet the Ensemble

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